Try try again

I've had the seed of a book idea bouncing around for a few weeks now. I'd get so far with an idea and then it would turn into a deadend. The ideas were not flowing. I want to write a western novella and have been trying to work out the storyline. A Western you say? … Continue reading Try try again

Writing for…?

As if by luck/fluke/accident/will power I appear to have two complete manuscripts, with a third bringing up the rear. One other person has read the shortest of the three and has provided favourable feedback (but that was my husband and we're in lockdown together...). I am now in a quandary. Other people have, very kindly, … Continue reading Writing for…?

Loose Ends

I can be pretty convincing when I tell people I’m working on my book. I exude enthusiasm and talk about overcoming a particularly niggly bit and now it’s full steam ahead; a printed draft ready in a few weeks. The reality is, of course, something else. Recently I just couldn’t get past some fairly fundamental … Continue reading Loose Ends