Intermission: Does Crime Pay?

I'm always quite curious to know about movie adaptations of books I'm currently reading - often it can be quite a diversionary interlude from the story if it's a little slow at any point. However, not so with Crime and Punishment although I have taken a little peek, in this case, to see how far … Continue reading Intermission: Does Crime Pay?


Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Where to begin? Well, most people would pick up a copy and turn to the first page. Not so simple in the world of Dostoyevsky, Russian literature and translations. What it seems to boil down to is how to capture the very essence of the writing. So, it's not … Continue reading Translations

Author: Margaret Oliphant (1828-1897)

I was musing in my previous post about Margaret Oliphant's lack of visibility on the Victorian Author's Stage. We are so well versed in the stories of those female authors who died young, unwed and childless (an intentional sweeping generalisation) that there seems to be little room left for those authors who have the temerity … Continue reading Author: Margaret Oliphant (1828-1897)

Miss Marjoribanks, by ME Oliphant (1866). Part I

You know that squidgy stuff you squirt into wall cavities and it grows and grows and grows, filling the hole? Yeah, you know what I mean? I know, let's call it expanding foam....well, I think I've found the book equivalent. As part of the Classic 50 challenge I scoured online shops, poached ideas from other … Continue reading Miss Marjoribanks, by ME Oliphant (1866). Part I

Chess aka The Royal Game (Schachnovelle), by Stefan Zweig (1942)

Towards the end of A Clockwork Orange there is the memorable scene in which Alex is subjected to Aversion Therapy. He is injected with nausea-inducing drugs, his eyes are pinned open and he is forced to watch images of sex and violence, all the while listening to Beethoven. Without dwelling on The Current Situation too … Continue reading Chess aka The Royal Game (Schachnovelle), by Stefan Zweig (1942)

The Duke and I – #1 in the Bridgerton Series, by Julia Quinn (2000)

It's perhaps no secret that I like Regency stuff. It won't be a surprise to hear that I like period dramas on TV and film. So combine the two - a Regency Period Drama then it's pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to watch it. So, Bridgerton on Netflix. What's not to like? There's the … Continue reading The Duke and I – #1 in the Bridgerton Series, by Julia Quinn (2000)